Southdown TV

Satellite Uplink and Mobile Broadband Facilities

Southdown TV utilises the latest satellite IP technology allowing us to broadcast from practically any location in Europe without the need for pre-existing connectivity.  


Our KA-SAT equipment may look like a normal satellite dish but it can actually transmit as well as receive.  Together with the latest IP Video codecs we can broadcast at a fraction of a cost of traditional satellite technology.

If you need an adhoc connection for satellite newsgathering (SNG), a longer programme feed or a simple webcast we can help

Mobile Broadband

Whilst 3G and 4G connectivity works great in many circumstances, there are still plenty of areas that do not get internet coverage. Southdown TV are able to set up a wifi hotspot anywhere in Europe without the need of phonelines or mobile signal.  Furthermore our service is a guaranteed connection, unlike mobile services which are shared with hundreds of other users.

SNG Satellite News-gathering

We can supply a point to point path (SD or HD) via satellite with just over one second of latency, featuring dial-in IFB and off-air monitoring.